And they’re off…Freshman, 7th and 3rd

It feels like I was just stressing about the kids being home alone all Summer and poof…they are back in school!  The BIGS seem to be off to a very focused start which is polar opposite of last year when they were both resisting organization.  I think they realized that mom really doesn’t want to be a helicopter and doesn’t have to be if they keep it together on their own.  Hoping for an easy breezy year!

Carter, my big Freshman!

Carter, my big Freshman!

Whitney Jane in 7th

Whitney Jane in 7th



Big Russell holds down VSE in 3rd

Big Russell holds down VSE in 3rd

They all left at different times starting at 6:30am.  It made for a sleepy day for me and dad.  So far Carter has been doing a great job getting up on his own but has been all “preppy” so I have to iron for him.  He has tried on his own but it takes practice so hopefully he’ll master ironing soon.  Whitney wore a really cute outfit topped off with really tight headbands.  We told her they were too tight and she’d get a headache…she did.  Someday she’ll trust our advice.  Russell was easy breezy, no fussing over an outfit, just pulled something out of his drawer.  The funny thing is they each independently picked out their outfits and they all coordinated.  Too bad I didn’t get my official three together shot that morning with all of the wake up times being staggered.


Thankfully picframe, #rhonnadesigns app and Instagram give me my scrapbooking fix and allow me to produce a *these 3* picture to satisfy my first day tradition.

We went to dinner to celebrate so I snapped them all together for the side-by-side *look how they’ve grown* pic.


Left 2014 Right 2013 First Day of School

Wow I could cry, they are so big!  Carter was horrified he was in the same shorts.  I told him he just grows up not out and when you are a grown up you wear the same clothes over and over.

So my photography business is booming!  Yay!  Brides, babies, families and seniors have consumed my creativity outlet!  I love it of course!  It makes me so happy to stare at these darling faces and capture the love they have for each other.  Thankfully I’m surrounded by some really awesome people who are very easy to photograph.  I think opening newly edited pictures is like Christmas morning and am so thankful I get to do that for people.  I AM BLESSED!

Aaron and Christina

Aaron and Christina #instagramfilter


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