My Photography

I’ve been taking pictures since I was a little girl. I’ve always had a camera and even love old school 35mm photography.  I take high resolution digital images and snap a few with my iphone for some instant gratification and social media bragging.  Photography has always been a hobby of mine until the demand grew to a point when it was time to formalize my process and fees. My PASSION is creating memorable images for people to cherish and remember the moments of their lives.  With the popularity of #tbt and #flashbackfriday we are able to reminisce weekly if we wish to participate in these fun themed postings.  I LOVE going back and seeing photos, attitudes, silliness from years past.  I’m very thankful people choose me to create that for them as well.

My fee structure is flexible and fits any budget. I work with people who are very comfortable with images and can do some editing, uploading and ordering on their own. I also work with clients who need me to help them from start to finish in order to get their photos in hand and up on the wall. My main goal is to make sure my client is happy and has beautiful photos to share and document the moments of their lives.

Previews: I provide previews before I post anything on Instagram and Facebook. Clients can give me the green light at their sitting to post my favs or wait until they’ve approved the images.

Copyright release: Once I edit your photos and hand over the disc you can print and post photos but please mention my3moons.

Payment: We will agree on the fee when you reserve your session date and time, payment is due at the time of the session. Prints and other product orders will be charged once the photos and sizes/products are selected.

Portraits: $75/sitting for 1-3 subjects, single location, includes approximately 30 edited photos plus all of your originals unedited on a disc. $150 1-5 people, one location, one hour, includes sitting fee, approx. 30 edited images and a disc with copyright release, uploaded photos to an online printer of your choice or my Shutterfly. Additional locations, outfit changes and other special requests negotiated at time of reservation. For portraits I prefer to use my professional printer and have a price list available for all sizes.

Weddings and Events: $500 for four hours including a minimum of 50 edited images, disc and copyright release. $1500 for prep to reception, edited images of each phase of the day, assistance with printing and ordering.

Seniors: $250 includes multiple locations and wardrobe changes.  It typically takes two-three hours and we will plan out our locations beforehand.  I edit around 20-30 photos per location and provide you with all raw images and edits on a disc.  I can assist with printing or you can use your printer of choice.  We can change any image to black and white or add a more artistic finish if desired.

Newborn Babies: $250 includes a photo-journalist visit to the hospital and a home portrait session within the first two weeks. Babies cooperate better when they are new. These images can be used on an announcement of your choosing or a custom design. Printing pricing varies based on size and materials.

Normal Day: This approach is based on capturing a family in their element and without lots of posing.

Engagement, Bridal Portraits, Head Shots, Children, Newborn and Family photos are all priced based on the normal Portrait prices and can vary based on the number of locations and outfit changes.


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