About My Moons

I’m an extra busy working mom of three amazing children, Carter 22, Whitney 20 and Russell 15.  Aren’t we all though?!  I have ebbs and flows on where my balance lies but I try to keep it mostly centered on my children and carving out any sort of ME time I can claim.

In this blog I will be gushing all over them because they provide me with so much entertainment daily I can’t even capture it all.  They say the funniest things, do the craziest things and catch me by surprise more often then not.

Just when life seemed to be morphing Ito a new normal we new was coming with Carter going to college we got an u expected curveball. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer metastatic to his liver. We dropped Carter off at KU on 8/15/18 and a month later 9/15/18, when we thought we were heading into a new normal, we told the kids their dad had cancer.  We fought his cancer for 3 years and 10 weeks.  He went to be with our Lord in heaven joining so many who had gone ahead on 11/25/2021, Thanksgiving Day.  Look at these warriors in this picture…we had just had the most excruciating conversation of our lives and we pulled ourselves up and smiled for the camera.  We would have more really hard conversations along the way and actually didn’t get to have all the ones we wanted to have because Brad didn’t want to leave us and didn’t want to have all the hard conversations.  We lived life to the fullest and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

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