About My Moons

I’m an extra busy working mom of three amazing children, Carter 19, Whitney 17 and Russell 12.  Aren’t we all though?!  I have ebbs and flows on where my balance lies but I try to keep it mostly centered on my children and carving out any sort of ME time I can claim.  My husband knows if I have time to be creative I am the least stressed and a happy mommy equals a happy house.

In this blog I will be gushing all over them because they provide me with so much entertainment daily I can’t even capture it all.  They say the funniest things, do the craziest things and catch me by surprise more often then not.

Just when life seemed to be morphing I to a new normal we new was coming with Carter going to college we got an u expected curveball. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer metastatic to his liver. We dropped Carter off on 8/15/18 and on 9/15/18 we told the kids their dad had cancer. It is still surreal but we are fighting like hell, TOGETHER!

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