About My Moons

I’m an extra busy working mom of three amazing children, Carter 15, Whitney 13 and Russell 8.  Aren’t we all though?!  I have ebbs and flows on where my balance lies but I try to keep it mostly centered on my children and carving out any sort of ME time I can claim.  My husband knows if I have time to be creative I am the least stressed and a happy mommy equals a happy house.

So even when I try to sneak away to my room to watch some DVR’d shows here come my 3 moons plus the dog.  I can be anywhere in the house and eventually they all end up wherever I am.  I call myself the mother planet and they are my little moons orbiting around me at all times.  That’s ok though, if I can shush them for just enough time to watch the latest Grey’s Anatomy or Mad Men (I make them leave when that one is on) then that’s just enough and they can soak up the rest of me.

In this blog I will be gushing all over them because they provide me with so much entertainment daily I can’t even capture it all.  They say the funniest things, do the craziest things and catch me by surprise more often then not.  The boys are fierce competitors in a range of sports and both are on competitive teams.  Whitney is our dancer and enjoys center stage!

*This picture was taken in 2010 and so perfectly captures their relationship.  They really are BFFs even if they grumble sometimes.



Whitney 12, Russell 7, Carter 14

Whitney 12, Russell 7, Carter 14


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