His first ASK

So my brave big boy thought up a great way to ask a bestie gal pal to homecoming. It’s their first one and he made it a show stopper!!

He had been scheming and trying to keep it all to himself but I encouraged him to let me be his taxi and at least organize the plan. So we ran around between soccer and dance to get the goods.

At the crack of sunshine we picked up Bre his across the street BFF and headed to Starbucks. He asked the Barista to write HOMECOMING? on her Caramel Frapachino. She smiled and told him what a great idea that was.

We headed to the school with her “white girl” drink, bag of twix and *red* roses. On the way to pick flowers he said he didn’t know anything about that but was very definite in wanting only red roses.

So I dropped them off


And they disappeared inside…and I was left to wait and watch for Bre and friends to post pictures of the big, FIRST ASK…








Here we go!! In a flash it happens, taking deep breaths and live in every moment.

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