And it is a WRAP

We capped off a truly insane sports/dance year with Whitney’s Dance Nationals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Despite the two day drive there and back it was nice to change up our traditional Branson trip for Nationals.  Our team danced their hearts out and looked so beautiful on stage.  Our Line is just so incredible, I can’t get enough and am so glad I have a video to watch whenever I want to go back and marvel at this team!  This dance has Itty bitties from age 7 to our 18 year old senior, including our sweethearts we have 75 dancers on our team!  Rock Stars!

Our awesome dancers on the beach, lovely ladies!

Our awesome dancers on the beach, lovely ladies!

Carter had fun at the beach and played with the girls.  Who wouldn’t have fun surfing all day?  Man I love this kid!  He’s really growing into an awesome young man.  Headed to high school in just a few weeks!

If you can't beat em join em!

If you can’t beat em join em!

And BIG RUSS celebrated being 8 while we were gone.  We celebrated before, during and after…he’s still hoping for a friend party and we are still trying to find a hole in the calendar for it.

BIG RUSSELL turns 8!

BIG RUSSELL turns 8!

I still have 500 photos to edit from our trip but haven’t had a second to sit.  Here is a fav from my iphone.  I can’t wait to spend time editing these of my favorite girls “the OGs” and two families I took photos of as well.


The OGs from the Hen House


My love bugs in Nashville. We had fun exploring as we passed through on our way home.

We got home, went back to work then had an awesome visit with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Harley from Hawaii!  They are such cool, brilliant people!  It was fun talking with them and I think the kids got a kick out of them too.  Aloha Aunt Mary and Uncle Harley!

Then another wonderful week of busy-ness that included celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary at the Royals game then we enjoyed the Justin Timberlake concert!  The tickets were in my stocking Christmas morning so needless to say I was pumped it was finally here!  He was totally awesome of course.  He seemed very appreciative our crowds which packed the place two nights in a row!  Kansas City loves some JT!

Wow 19 years of marriage!  Go Us!

Wow 19 years of marriage! Go Us!


Whitney and me #selfie

We are also packing in the last days at OOF and WOF and are lucky enough to have some mama friends who will take the kids while we are at work.

Carter and his posse

Carter and his posse’

We find out TODAY what dances Whitney will be in next year!  So excited to hear about all of the songs they picked etc.  It’s going to be an awesome year!

My wild child on the left and poised Taylor on the right. They make each other laugh!

My wild child on the left and poised Taylor on the right. They make each other laugh!

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