Just Keep Swimming

Most moms I know are chanting this mantra from sweet little Dory.  Gosh what a nutso time of year!

borrowed from a Google Image search

borrowed from a Google Image search

 I mean really…on top of the madness it has been hot and cold and hot and cold.  Allergies are the WORST in forever so everyone feels sick and doesn’t know if they are supposed to take a decongestant or an antihistamine.  I take one and if my throat stops itching I know it was the right one.  Two Sundays in a row either me or the hubs have been in bed after a weekend of baseball.  We are old, we can’t keep up this pace…or so we say then the next Friday comes around.  I am giving a GIANT shout-out to all of my friends, sister wives (dance moms) and others who help us out on a regular basis!  I think they know we have their back too whenever they need it so everyone stays in balance.  I have lucky kids to be parented by a community of great people.  We all love these kids like they are our own and fiercely care for one another.

MY kids are SO ready to be out of school!  I wish I could stop time right now because their interest in school and the safety of their good grades are not at equal levels…staring down falling or soaring rockets.  I challenge them to finish strong.  I feel like there is an overabundance of teaching moments and I just want it to be easy too. TWO WEEKS FROM TOMORROW and they can breathe a sigh of relief.  Then I gasp with the thought of an unsupervised Summer.  It should be interesting.

So I had the great honor of taking my neighbor Emily’s senior pictures.  I have known her since she was SIX!  Her and a teenage boy across the street (sadly he moved away) gave us a glimpse of what life with teenagers would be like and now we are living it with a 14 and 12 year old plus the equalizer, 7 year old.  Day to day it is either a teenage mamba or is it a booty shaking twerk dance?  Depends on the day I suppose.  It feels great and I’m so proud of my kids then the teaching moments remind me that I’m a mom and I have a job to guide them. It can be daunting and I’m always wondering if I’m doing it right.  I have God on my side guiding me every single day and striving for a balance of love and direction.

Enough gushing…here are some favorites of Emily!

What is ahead for this beautiful girl?  She wants to be a nurse.

What is ahead for this beautiful girl? She wants to be a nurse.

Love this spot!  Perfect light!

Love this spot! Perfect light!

How fab is this graffiti?!

How fab is this graffiti?!


Senior Session Pricing: $275   3-5  outfit changes and location changes.  Includes a disc with an average of 30+ edited images a set of proofs, 24 wallets, and choice of 8×10 or 2 5×7’s and a full copyright release.  I can assist with ordering more and will provide a price sheet.

Quick and Dirty: $75   One location, one hour and we’ll fit in as many outfits as we can.  Disc with 20-30 edited images, proofsheet and copyright release.

I have a baby being born soon and can’t wait to capture her first moments of life then a dance team to shoot.  Both should be super fun! I am planning some family beachy shoots when we go to Myrtle Beach with our dance team in July.  Should be loads of fun!  I need to keep this up so someday I can buy my dream iMac!  Until then I’ll enjoy the tools I have.

One more thought from my friend Dory:

This is totally me

This is totally me



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