My perspective: dealing with cancer as a young person.

We are thriving

Hi all, I just wanted to check in. As you can imagine we enjoyed a very exciting KU Jayhawk basketball season ending the best way possible! Brad was very much missed in all the excitement but we knew he was enjoying it all from heaven. It seems so strange that he was at the Final … Continue reading We are thriving

Settling into 2022.

We’ve all been back to work and school for a month or so now and the routine is forming. This month has been busy with paperwork, filing claims, closing accounts or changing names. Nothing could really be done until the new year so I’m glad I wasn’t bogged down with ALL of it at once. … Continue reading Settling into 2022.


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About me,

Hi, I’m Kim. I started this blog to showcase my photography hobby/business and crafty projects. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer metastasized to his liver in September of 2018. While I don’t want this to define ME I feel as though I can help others navigate a similar journey. Cancer is different in young people and the approach can be a gamechanger start to finish. My husband passed away on Thanksgiving as I was holding his hand. It was the most heartbreaking, sacred and loving moment of my life.

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