Settling into 2022.

We’ve all been back to work and school for a month or so now and the routine is forming. This month has been busy with paperwork, filing claims, closing accounts or changing names. Nothing could really be done until the new year so I’m glad I wasn’t bogged down with ALL of it at once. The final disputed medical bill was cleared by insurance and paid so I have that off my plate. I was never going to pay for a test he had done routinely with his chemo treatments so it was good they conceded. Nothing makes me more mad than a denial of a test that is done at a Cancer Center…hopefully I have a reprieve from fighting over medical bills. In the end we were very well covered and two years of deductibles were paid by grants from the chemo companies so that was a welcomed blessing.

Russell is doing well in school but still playing catch up from his soccer trip to Florida with the ECNL travel team the weekend of January 21st. This kid, who told me he didn’t like to travel, has been to Vegas and now Orlando in one month! He had a great time, I’m so glad he was able to go and the families looked out for him. I already had a weekend planned with my bestie Kappa Delta sister, Justine, who was coming in from Sun Valley, ID. It was a busy fun weekend and I got a big dose of Lawrence and got to see my BIGs a few times and treated them to dinner. It was also nice to have a 2 day break from being a dog mom and getting up at sunrise with them.

Russell on the left and Cooper on the right double teaming their opponent.
So far I think Brad’s signs to me are sunflares and orbs in photos. They are always there and feel like a little wink and hug from heaven.
Besties for the Resties! Thank goodness for technology, we lost touch for the in between years but have been able to reconnect and stay in touch the last 15 years or so. Spending time with people who knew you when you were 18 is a treasure.

My sister sold us her 2007 Volvo to give to Russell and my step mom drove it to Wichita from the Bay Area, CA! We were able to get it to KC on Friday and Russell loves it. He is feeling a little less nervous about driving and having his own car here gives him incentive to practice. That is a huge box checked to that taken care of getting him a car but managing 5 vehicles is a lot!! Thankfully mine are low maintenance and under warranty so it is just the trio of old cars that require more attention. I started keeping track of it all a few years ago so I’m pretty used to managing the household/family top to bottom already.

He really is very happy just not with my picture taking to document this big moment.

Whitney has ramped back in at KU and loves her new roommates and room. I haven’t heard too many complaints about classes so hopefully those are smooth sailing this last semester at KU. She keeps herself very busy doing things with her GPhi sisters, her boyfriend, Jagger, and Sigma Nu “brothers.” Carter is there every weekend so he still gets to hang out with her at times when their paths cross. He is working towards completing his training program at TQL to become a freight broker. He’s landed some great accounts and is doing well. He got kudos from his boss recently and likes to come home and tell me his war stories. Besides being tired from the early alarms it is all going very well. He and his friends went to the epic playoff game against the Buffalo Bills when we drove the ball for a touchdown in 13 seconds. I’m so glad he saw that game live, it was amazing!

Jagger and Whitney at their 80s workout theme party.
Carter and his high school buddies at the Epic Chiefs game.

We are anxiously awaiting our final travel plans for soccer and have Spring Break booked for Jacksonville, FL. It will be really nice to have a relaxing trip and break from work. Carter and his girlfriend, Makenzie, are joining me and Russell mid-week. Whitney will be in Padre with her friends for Spring Break. She missed a friend trip to Austin last semester because of Rock Chalk Revue (a fundraiser with musicals that compete against other fraternity/sorority teams) so she’s excited to be in the action this time. Her group didn’t make it in the show so I think she’s realizing how much work it was first semester and enjoying more free time. Padre will be a great opportunity to make some memories with her KU friends. Thankfully Jagger and friends are going so they’ll keep her safe and watched over.

So I guess we have life planned through Spring Break so far. I have my own travel bucket list and unfortunately the only road block tends to be days off from work and schedule alignment. Some of my wish list places will have to happen in 2023 but I will definitely be spending my PTO very well the next few years. I’m also purging closets and drawers that have been ignored for many years. Definitely #bradapproved when corners and piles get cleared out. Russell didn’t have his car a whole day and was asking about parking in the 3rd spot in the garage. Hopefully we can make that happen for him. I think he’s talked about that 3rd spot for at least 5 years! Always picturing what it would be like to be the only kid at home…well that didn’t last very long haha! It will be a full house in May again until Carter gets his move out plan in place. Of course I love it and will count my blessings whenever all 3 kids are home. It is my favorite!!

I’m about to kick off a Master bedroom and bathroom update. Brad and I had met with our favorite contractor in September and while Brad didn’t want to hear about the financial details he was happy I was getting it done. I’m getting super excited to get it going and hope the updates will freshen up our space and feel a little brighter and fresher. I’m sure I’ll have before, during and after pics to share.

January was also busy watching KU and the Chiefs! Since the Chiefs didn’t make it back to the SuperBowl I have my Sundays back and much less stress! What a fun ride this year! Next up will be March Madness watching our Jayhawks and Gamma Phi Beta Mom’s weekend. Quiet weekends at home have been nice and relaxing but I definitely love having something fun on the calendar to look forward to. Russell has kept buys playing rec basketball, soccer scrimmages and practices or hanging out with his friends. Quiet weekends also give me extra time to sort through Brad’s things that we don’t need. My friends have been a big help with some of that, I’m so blessed to have them. Somedays I feel accomplished doing it and other days I just can’t make another decision. I haven’t turned off Brad’s phone yet. There is a lot to still go through on it and make sure I’m not losing information or photos. Whitney likes to text him so I don’t want her to lose that comfort just yet. We have barely scratched the surface of recovery but I think we are all facing it head on and trying not to push it down to resurface later. The waves still come, songs are a big trigger for me. I felt Brad very near while in Lawrence. Justine and I talked about the good ole days and rehashed date parties we went to and some fun KU memories. I think I could easily move to Lawrence and be 100% blissfully happy there. I love everything about it. Who knows maybe that is in my future. The kids always joke that I’ll be a house mom someday. I just might. For now we will Rock Chalk our way through the rest of Winter.

What a weekend! 2 great KU games and an unbelievable Chiefs game. Phew it was a lot of work to be a fan!

Thank you Jesus for dogs! These angels have gotten me through every single day.

They give me all their love sun up to sun down.
And save a little for the boys.

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