And then we have November

As anticipated October was a total whirlwind further complicated by the addition of two sales, one at Charm and one at Bella Pantina.  At least I cleared out my goodies and treasures to make room for more!  This is Bella Pantina in the West Bottoms and they are open the first Friday-Sunday of every month.  Best way to follow is join their Facebook page.


Halloween was a blast although my big kids were off like a shot so I didn’t get the annual group pic of the three.  We are going to re-stage the pic as soon as I can wrangle them and bribe them into doing it for me.  We had a super hero them which was pretty darn fun.


Mom and Carter the *fat* morph suit guy

Thing 1, Bat Girl and Thing 2…my only pic of Whitney before she was off running with the girls.

Bat Girl Posse’

Russell had several friends from school come looking for him. It was cute, he’s a rockstar!


So now we enter the world of Cinderella for the week.  Whitney will be performing at the Folly downtown  Nov 9 & 10, she has a little part but the production is beautiful.  My favorite part of Cinderella so far was taking photos at the tea and hanging out with my favorite horse, Annie and her mama, Carla.  I couldn’t get enough of this little horse with a big personality! She greeted the little girls and their moms attending the tea.  So cute!

Annie dressed up for Cinderella Tea

And my boy Carter turned 13 on October 25th!  Sniff!  At least he’s still the sweetest little boy I’ve ever met.  He LOVES his mama!  Last night he woke me up to say he was scared, I snuggled him in and he was able to go back to sleep.  Granted he is as tall as me so it isn’t like a little baby snuggle but still such a genuine connection, I love it!

I conned the kids into doing a 3-kid photoshoot while working at Bella.  I didn’t have a current one of them and as you can tell they loved it even though they complained.  The serious ones were pretty easy since they were annoyed with me 😉

Silly pic 🙂

Oh Russell loves his sissy! Carter too but they are totally brothers, fighting best friends.

He makes our world go round!

Too cool for you Mom!









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