2013 is going to be BIG

I have had the best Christmas break in years and years! I did a lot of relaxing and although I look around and feel guilt for not being productive I will go back to work feeling bright and shiny!

So every year I have picked a word that embodies what I want my year to be. This year it is going to be BIG! I see a lot of my friends setting out to have a BIG year so I think everyone is really embracing the idea of MAKING a year great! I feel like the work I’ve done on myself, my life, living with purpose, being closer to my Lord, is all paying off. My walls have come down and I am so much more open (my word a few years ago) to great experiences, meaningful relationships, appreciation, treasures in everyday moments. I hope to continue to surround myself with bright, happy, loving people. I kicked off today by clearing out a few negative things that were nagging at me. That felt great! I hope to continue to be present, to be loving, to do all I can for everyone I encounter and to remember how important every second with my children is recorded and cherished so make those moments good ones!

My sweet family

My sweet family

Happy New Year! Make 2013 a wonderful year!

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