Savor October

I was contemplating why I’m excited for October to be arriving on Monday.  Rhonna posted this photo challenge on her facebook and I decided I would commit to doing this.  I’ll post my photos on FB and Instagram.  If I had my iPhone5 I could do all sorts of crafty things like her…I’ll have to search again for Android editors this weekend.

So why I love October…well the sweetest little boy to walk on this earth was born in October, my oldest son Carter.  He is turning 13…holy cow!  I also feel like it is the last deep breath before the holiday insanity starts.  Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays so I’m excited for all the prep and seeing cutie pies in costumes.  Total bummer that Russell is really the only one still totally jazzed about dressing up.  Hopefully Carter and Whitney will participate and take him trick or treating.  I’m sure he’ll want a new costume despite his closet full of super heroes.

In October we will be ending Russell’s flag football and Carter’s Fall baseball schedule.  Hopefully I can get lucky and have a more laid back sports schedule so I can find more time to do all the crafty things I have on my list.  On the 3rd Thursday, 10/18 I will be debuting my handpainted/upcycled furniture and knick knacks at the oh-so-darling CHARM so I’m hoping that is loads of fun and maybe even a little profitable.

I need to remember to breath through most of the month because starting on 10/25, Carter’s birthday, I’ll be running around like my hair is on fire.  We will be celebrating him, the three kids are out of school for two days, Whitney has her first dance convention 10/26-10/28, I will be working the Madonna show for dance fundraising, final practice for the Cinderella ballet on top of normal dance and then the crescendo…HALLOWEEN!  As my favorite blue fish says “just keep swimming.”

Carter Pitching!

Workin’ the red carpet


Russell “the Hustle” showing off at his game


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