I’m going for it

I was reading the information for Project Life http://www.beckyhiggins.com/ and Project 365 A photo a Day for 365  I decided taking a photo everyday is much easier than actually scrapping it.  I plan to make a book out of my photos on Flickr.  I love it, I can upload straight from my phone, how easy is that?!  If I fail at this one I’m just hopeless… Soar 365 2012

Recruiting has been super duper busy with only 2 weeks under our belt for 2012.  Some of the candidates I’m working with are such gems.  They are THE nicest people and I pray for them to get one of these jobs.  I send them good thoughts when they are going in for interviews and look forward to how they feel they’ve done after.  What a great career I’ve started, right up my alley!

The kids are busy as ever…soccer, basketball and dance all last weekend.  We stayed downtown at the Sheraton where Whitney’s dance convention was held.  She had a blast and it was much more restful to have a room, hang out with the amazing Lee family, snuggle with baby Vivian and not have to DRIVE downtown at 7:00am both days.  Fun little Staycation for us.

And my little peas from Christmas.  They were so good and sweet, I was very proud of them.  Carter doted on Aunt Edith, what a sweet pea!  He loves older people, little girls and babies 🙂  An extension of my heart.

Christmas Day in shorts and light jackets at GG & Paps in Lexington

We have a family beach vacation on the books!  We are going to Gulf Shores, Alabama with the neighbor families the first week of August.  This is definitely a motivator for me this year.  Save and Make Money!  Besides the drive…ick…it will be an amazing trip!

The Banana Cabana - sleeps 20, 4 masters and 4 kid rooms. Amazing!

Can you see me lounging with my cold beverage and camera near by?! I can!

Photo OPS galore! I'll be in pure heaven!

This motivational trip also moves me to move more and eat less this year.  I started counting my points with a fun little Android App for Weight Watchers and working out.  I eat well but there is something about this little app that makes me think twice, even if it just a handful of almonds.  I say to my self, “Self, do I really need to subtract 4 points from my 26 point balance or would a few carrots that are free do the trick? I’m starting with Netflix vids and hope to move to a bigger effort soon.  If only I could trade in my treadmill for an elliptical!

So in 2012 I’m going to get fit, work towards a fabulous beach vacation and enjoy the ride.  Not a bad way to start out a year!!

One thought on “I’m going for it

  1. Yay! Glad you’re on the Project Life bandwagon! I did it in 2010 and the end result was a really cool album. I didn’t do it last year and really regretted it–I kept thinking throughout the year as life happened how many great “Photo of the Day” ops I missed! So I am definitely back on board this year and Cale and Kendall love it. 🙂 SO jealous of your fabulous vacation plans! The Banana Cabana looks amazing and the kids will have so much fun together…can’t wait to hear all about it! See you Friday!

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