Oh boy…here we go

What a great January!  I can’t remember a better January…EVER!

WEATHER:  Shhhh…I haven’t posted this on any social media but the weather has been insanely amazing!  I really and truly feel bad for my friends who rely on snow for income during the Winter but I have to say…it has been really nice.  I do think we’ve had enough of the good weather and need some snow or rain asap.

HOTEL FUN!  We started the month with a dance competition in Downtown KC and stayed at the Sheraton.  The kids got to swim, Carter got to ice skate with his friends and our family got to hang together away from the hustle and bustle of a normal weekend at home.  Then I closed the month with a girls SCRAP weekend at the Drury in OP.  Super relaxing and I put together a Christmas and Valentine’s Day album.

WORK: I got four super nice people jobs in January!  How great is that!  Getting people jobs makes me absolutely so so so happy!  To know I am directly impacting someone’s family in such a positive way makes me so happy.

SHAVED EYEBROWS = Gracious Tween: Whitney Jane got busted by her brother for shaving her eyebrows!!!! Yes, I know GASP!  She used this little tool I warned her over and over and over and made her pinky promise not to every use alone…and shaved her eyebrows halfway off.  Jessica and I told her a million times NEVER TOUCH YOUR EYEBROWS WITHOUT HELP!   So my little Miss Me Jeans and Uggs wearing snotty totty got her TAIL tied in a big time knot!  After a week of being grounded from everything including her makeup she came around to the normal Whitney.  She is now gracious, happy, kind and helpful.  Who knew mascara had such a power over her.  This mama learned a good lesson in that one.

And a new fun thing to do…many years it is calendars…I create like 5 calendars…this year it is photo challenges.  I’ve decided to add this one and it will help me with my 365 challenge too.  I’ve fallen a little flat lately.

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