Happy *LOVE to ALL* day!

Some people are very humbug about Valentine’s Day because they see it as a “Hallmark” holiday to make money.  I see it as a day to tell the ones you love in your life how much they mean to you.  Although I wouldn’t turn down a gorgeous bouquet of flowers I would prefer to have a sweet little hand-drawn flower from my little Russell.  Instead of a $5 card with a song installed in it I’d love a cute card made by darling Whitney with my scrap stuff.

My mini ME scrapping some cards

And some not so great photos of the finished product we sent to our family…these don’t do the cards justice at all.

The front

The inside

How precious are these signatures?!

A gourmet meal at an expensive restaurant would be lovely but I’d rather make a Mexican fiesta and have all three of my children eat their food and not complain.  Gifts are wonderful but seeing my precious Carter not only shovel our driveway–WITHOUT ASKING–he shoveled the neighbor’s because he “doesn’t see them much in the Winter and thought it would be a nice thing to do.”  Little did he know the dad of the house travels during the week and one of their good friends was in the hospital so it was an extra special thing to do for them.

I hope everyone can see the goodness in Valentine’s Day…above the expectations the movies and society places on this day.  Who could not like a day dedicated the shades of pink and red?!?

This year I started a little *vignette* table.

Valentine Themed Table...which changed many times through the month.

My friend Erin is a master at creating super amazing vignettes.  I’m just getting started but some day I aspire to add cool little areas that inspire me and display crafty fun.  Liz, Heidi, Margie, Janet and Pinterest all leave me in awwww but someday I’ll come up with something super wonderful.  For now my children are loving the candy that has become a constant on our front table 🙂  Espcially little Russell who said “Mom, we need more candy in the heart.” When we ran out after going through 6 bags of candy before February 4th!

Store bought teacher gifts are great but Whitney and I had more fun making these Pie Pops filled with fruit pie filling…soooo good!  I added raspberry extract to the icing glaze and OH MY GOODNESS were they good.  The glaze tasted like Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. WOW!

Homemade Berry Pie Pops!

Taste Test Approval

And gift cards for massage and mani-pedi are terrific but the home version with funny conversations is way more fun!  The boys are such divas with their water being too hot or cold etc.  Whitney and I crack up at them.

Pedicures at Salon Woods

Last photo–We had these taken by a friend who is better at Photoshop than I am.  I printed them through Kodak Gallery on metallic paper and sent them to our relatives.  I love it!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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