My One Little Word is: SOAR

I was tossing around different ideas and nothing really stuck.  It was GO for a few days but that didn’t quite fit.  I really think things are settled for a fabulous years and I intend for it to be amazing.  It could also be FOCUS but I think SOAR gives me the FOCUS of greatness.  I have so little time for myself and to be creative so if I can build that in to my insane running around I will have definitely SOARed.

What’s your word?  You should dig deep and make one, it is the easiest way to RESOLVE for the new year.  Pick a word that encompasses your total mindset.  Find more info about the class here:  One Little Word

Sweet Russell at my favorite age so far, FIVE

A favorite picture of Whitney just as she turned 10.

And big Carter, he grew up before our eyes this year. He is the sweetest tween boy I know.

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