Goals for 2012

Well my first goal is to do a better job of updating this blog.  I really like it and it isn’t THAT hard.  I could do it while I eat lunch at my desk even.

As I move into a new year I am in a 100% different place than this time last year.  My foot has healed so I’m gung ho to eat well and move more.  I have a great job and plan to make it my last career…hopefully my last job.  I absolutely enjoy matching up talented people with great careers.  I’ve been rewarded more than in any other position I’ve held personally because of the impact successful recruiting has on other people. Plus I think it is interesting to get to know new people and what makes them tick.  I think because of this new spot I’m in I am really happy and motivated to make 2012 a BANNER year!


1. get healthy and fit – I don’t care about numbers, I just want to feel good and not be grossed out by pictures of me.

2. focus at work so I can focus at home

3. while at home be in the moment, love on my family, try to stay calm and carry on

4. be crafty weekly through any and all means – photography, writing, creating art

5. do something related to my house every day – to get a handle on the chores…ick.

6. do something to spruce up my house every month – paint that bathroom, fix grout, shelves in kids rooms, paint trim in various window wells…etc etc the to do list is long.

7. make the trip in August happen and hopefully another one in the year.

8. get more sleep

9. be kind to myself

10. play more

I think that is a pretty good list.  I’m still working on my WORD for the year.  OPEN might just have to be repeated…but is that so lame?  I didn’t do very well on my OPEN scrapbook…BUT I guess I could just start over and use a new word? mmmm must contemplate that more.

WooHoo CHEERS to Making 2012 amazing!

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