Let the SnowNAMI, Snowmaggedon, SnOwMG END!

I know, we’ve all been talking about it but this is the TENTH, yes TENTH day my children have not had school in 2011 not including the extra days from New Years and Martin Luther King Jrs bday.  We also have a four day weekend over Presidents weekend and Spring Break soon after that.  Thankfully I have very sweet children with very sweet friends but mama needs to get back to work!

My days have consisted of cleaning, waiting tables and more battling cabin fever.  The dishwasher and trash seem to generate dishes and trash on their own and are full constantly.  The herd of kids running through here are making my floors dirty, they have a constant need for drinks and snacks or new shows to be put on the tv.  The dogs are in and out constantly.  Shadow has a girlfriend who lives next door and the two dogs are constantly at each other’s doors whining for them to come play.  Everyone is having a great time so it’s all good.  It is worth the catering.  Yesterday I embraced the situation and drank out of my snowflake goblet all day.  With the help of Arbonne Fizzy Tabs I felt very energized and the special glass gave me a little festive edge.  The girls and I did a little photoshoot.  Whitney loves taking photos and has a pretty good eye.  It comes in handy when I want to get in a shot once in awhile.  We played with the timer and tripod which allowed us to get some good falling snow shots.  The boys are here but are not as excited about photos and can’t be pried away from Xbox or basement basketball games.


With tomorrow in question I am getting work and laundry done so we can launch into the weekend all caught up.  Our streets are still snow packed and the temperatures are below freezing so it’s anyone’s guess as to what the school district will do about tomorrow.  I hope they go since we have a threat of more snow on Monday and Wednesday.  The kids are anxiously waiting for the “phone call.”

I have to say I am happy for the kids because this has been really fun for them.  My productivity relies on people doing every day business so there isn’t much to miss and I can do projects for work from home, thankfully.  I think this time has given us all a little bit of catch up time and a break from the hustle of a normal schedule.  I will also be very thankful in the Spring when our grass, trees and flowers are absolutely gorgeous from getting so much water through the Winter from the melted snow.  I’ll dream about those days while huddled under a blanket, tapping away at work presentations and emails.

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4 thoughts on “Let the SnowNAMI, Snowmaggedon, SnOwMG END!

  1. I am so thankful the kids are back in school today! The days off have made me very lazy–needed to get back in the office and back in the swing of things! Love the darling pic of you–and some of those snow photos are A.MA.ZING! You have GOT to continue to pursue this talent you have! :)Love u–Erin

    • I didn’t intend for that picture to be so GINORMOUS but was having trouble with it sticking. I think when I was posting I was having an issue with the cache (cookies). Anyway, it stuck so I left it. Whitney took it of me. It represents me looking out at the snow with mixed emotions. Happy to have a snow day in jammies but needing to get back to the real world! Thanks for the compliments 🙂

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