Do you believe in angels?

12 years ago this month my first baby boy was due to arrive.  Unfortunately he had a neural tube defect that was fatal, he went to heaven on 9/29/98.  Of course me, my family and my friends were crushed.  This was when I felt my first real loss, one that almost robbed me of any sort of bliss I could ever have again while having my babies.  On the day he was due, February 17th, 1999 we found out we were pregnant with Carter William, my 11 year old.  We prayed really hard throughout my pregnancy with him and when he was born during a very sweet, magical delivery I was beyond thankful for him to be so healthy.  Throughout the early years of being blessed with my “oh-so-sweet” Carter he had an imaginary friend named “Mit Wit.”  He talked about him from when he could barely talk and still talks about him and to him today.  I’ve always thought that was his big brother watching over him and keeping him company.  In fact, if Carter has a day where he has lots of friends around he has to balance it with alone time outside or in the basement to get his time in with Mit Wit.

Over the years we’ve talked about baby Tyler and celebrate on his birthday anniversary.  The kids, even 4 year old Russell, know the story of Tyler and talk about how he’s their big brother.  They talk and wonder what he would look like and what he’d be like.  Someday we’ll find out but until then we cherish our sweet guardian angel.

Ok, so that’s the background.  This morning I was getting Russell into the car, he had walked out of the garage to step in the snow.  He turned around, hands in his pockets to come back to get in the car.  He stepped on a patch of ice and was literally falling onto his face because his hands were stuck in his pockets.  I watched that child held up by his angel brother and steadied on the garage floor.  I immediately said, “Wow Russell, good thing your guardian angel was there to catch you.”  I said, “I bet that was your big brother Tyler helping you out so you didn’t land on your face on the hard garage floor.”  He just smiled big and said, “Yes it was, he takes care of me.”

Yes he does.  Happy Birthday baby Tyler!

WE LOVE YOU!!! oxoxox

2 thoughts on “Do you believe in angels?

  1. Oh,Kim! What a beautiful, heartfelt post! I remember that sad day so well. And now you are so blessed with three beautiful children. You are such an amazing, patient mom! You inspire me everyday!

    • Thanks Erin! I always feel bad you and Julie had to even be there through all of that but am glad you were. I am definitely so super thankful for my three awesome kiddos. They are definitely the best gifts from heaven!

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