Do you ever

I’ve had some serendipitous things happen recently and I always treasure them and take time to appreciate it when I notice them. I won’t bore you with the details but I set a few minor goals for myself and they were achieved almost instantly! It makes me think what else I can do quickly just by stating them outloud.

I am taking a really cool class by the Brave Girls Club. It is great, amazing and overwhelming at the same time. I have assignments I have to do and have a really hard time carving out the time to do them. But when I do set aside the time I’m so glad I did.

Today I did a business call with my sister. We were talking about how we want 2011 to be amazing because of how sucky the last few years have been. I love knowing I have a sister in the same brain space as me totally focusing on joy. Our dad, niece and grandma who have all gone to heaven are so on our side rooting for joy for us all! Sometimes choosing joy is all it takes. But, honestly the last few years has been about processing and doing some work on our brains so now we have done that and 2011 is a good, good thing.

Next up, wedding dress alterations, arm workouts and figuring out if my poor little foot can tolerate darling heels Jess picked out!

On another note, we went to an 80s party which was a huge bright spot in our January!

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