Wow, will we ever have a normal week again?

Well, why am I surprised? I shouldn’t be since we’ve had tons of snow days Jan-April the entire time the “Bigs” have been in school. This year…with a new job/s it is extra crazy. But I will say, TODAY rocked! Russell went to school and Carter went to his buddy Q’s house so I had Whitney and Sydney. Besides the “fart tag” they were so fun! It was the right mix of them entertaining themselves and them entertaining me.

The day started with a fort making and watching tv while I worked. At lunch they made Ramen…the meal of choice these days. Besides the carbs I like it because it is cheap šŸ™‚ After their culinary delight was finished I jumped in with my chicken, spinach, mushroom casserole. I was missing my herb garden and took a pic of it in hibernation. I had extra wine that needed to be used and the veggies were getting to their limit so I decided to go with it. The girls are so cute about coming in to see what I’m doing. I think mushrooms cooking in olive oil, garlic and wine is heavenly. Sydney came in and said “you are like a French Chef, everything you cook smells great, and THAT is a compliment.” I love how little girls who are not your own appreciate you in a new way. Sydney’s mom is amazing, she works her hiney off in a gov’t accounting job yet keeps her house super clean and cooks for her 3 hungry boys (40+, 15 & 12) plus her and Syd. We relate…she is as busy as I am with activities. We have the wild card of Russell but the blessing is her boys love him and they rock at taking care of him!

So, Snow day NUMBER…5 or 6 was pretty good. A nice balance. AND I asked my hubby to grab some rain boots on the way home so my surgical shoe and sock wouldn’t get soaked like yesterday. He obliged. They are cuter than how they feel. A bit tight on the injury but that is better than a wet sock.

And finally, can’t wait for the KU v TX game this weekend! My sister, Marci, is letting me cash in my bday present from a year or two ago and she, Rachael and Robert are keeping the kids and the dog so we can have a day, night and morning to ourselves. The walking in Lawrence, KS from the game to the establishments etc will be a strategic challenge but the atmosphere and company will ROCK!

Enjoy your cocoon time, I like to remember how busy Summers are this time of year and soak up the quiet time “trapped inside.”

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