Snow Dayz, fun and frenzy

I love my children, for real I do but 3 unexpected snow days with 3 wild monkeys is a bit much! If it wasn’t so cold it would be different because they could expend their energy outside but phew…bouncing off the walls here. Today I got some long awaited work in and took the rest of the day off for ice skating and photoshoots minus the little “minja.” It is nice to have some time without the littlest firecracker so I can have some “mini-adult” time with the “BIGs.” Thank the Lord for my amazing boss and her patience with this weather and my foot (long story boring.)

So this blog will get fancied up eventually as I have time to play around. My next dilemma is figuring out what the heck is wrong with my Mac Aperture program, won’t open. I have to keep telling myself new software and processes are good for my brain because my impatient gene is…not very patient…with learning curves. So yet again I’m trying out a new process with my iphoto. I’m debating on going back to Picassa…one day I’ll learn photoshop and be happy as a lark.

My dance mommy friend Susan and I took some pics of the kids after ice skating. It was fun to have new subjects to play with and they were very good! Carter might stab me in my sleep but I had to post this one of him…his best smile was when he was being silly. Notice the athletic shorts with his “tight” (that means cool these days) shirt. That kid is all about SHORTCUTS! I think they turned out pretty decent.

Some of these are edited, some are not. Not all can be works of art šŸ™‚

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One thought on “Snow Dayz, fun and frenzy

  1. I am cracking up at the pic of Carter! And his use of the word “tight”…that one hasn’t made it out south yet! I love it! And stunning photos of Whit and her friend. Wow.

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