Hello world! How does this thing work?

Welcome to my little blog.  I’m really hoping I can figure this dealio out because I think blogging is fun and cool.  I’m sure my mom, sisters and aunts will be the only one reading but that is ok.  It is therapeutic to get my thoughts down on “paper” once in awhile and sometimes facebook is not the forum.  I mostly talk about my kids and their crazy things they do. They seriously are so silly.  Like today, Whitney proclaimed “I am babysitting Russell” since we had a snow day.  I think she missed him while she was at her dance convention all weekend.  She is a sweet big sister and seems to shake him out of his *moods* when needed.  OMG the kids and Brad were wild today!  I was so trying to just BE since I got to work from home and stay in my jammies all day.  I did change into new ones at 5pm.  I have to say I also cleaned the kitchen and made Chicken Noodle Soup and a yummy bowtie pasta dish.  So that is something right?

So I am way too excited about 1/11/11 tomorrow!  I start my Brave Girls class!  So excited!  Since there was a snow day today I didn’t get the rest of my supplies but am hoping to BRAVE the weather tomorrow to get them.  Hobby Lobby is only a few minutes away so who cares if it takes twice as long…will still get there 🙂

Well hopefully I’ll get this dang thing figured out and get it arranged like I have in my head and not all crazy like it is now.

2 thoughts on “Hello world! How does this thing work?

  1. YAY! Love the photo! Can I tell you I am SO excited that you have this crazy thing up and running?? You are going to love it! So excited to be doing Brave Girls with you, friend! Love ya!

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