Safe at Home and Staying Positive

So much has happened in our Nation the last few months it seems like a dream…some bad and some good. A bright side is that Brad’s chemo and immunotherapy treatments have remained mild. His tongue gets numb during treatment but they’ve been administering it slowly so he manages it by waiting out the numbness. The first 3-5 days can be rough with loss of appetite, major grouchiness, short temper, frustration and fatigue. If things are quiet and he’s able to rest all is well. Brad has always been an early riser so he is full of energy and ready to go every morning. His energy fades as the day goes on. The first few days he can’t sleep because of the steroids they pump into him so that is annoying. I tend to sleep where my head falls which is the couch, guest room or our room if I’m not worried about waking him up. I’ve had even more insomnia than normal during SAH. Much of it is lack of physical activity and too much brain activity so I work on both to move my body more and relax my mind.

We finally got to meet new cuzzie Baby Rory Preston Bane! OMGosh this baby is the most chill, sweetest, cutest and snuggliest little baby! What a blessing during a time when we are forced to be still and quiet. Each of my kids are completely smitten and we all have “fought” over him during each visit. Holding a newborn just does something to your soul. He is a representation of new life and a future with all of the opportunity and happiness God has to offer.

Give me that baby! Whitney said, “Mom I love watching you hold babies.” I’ve loved babies since I can remember and didn’t mind the challenges of the baby phase with my 3. Some call me the baby whisperer and even though I don’t sing well babies seem to like the songs I sing them.
This big cuzzie LOVES holding Rory and thinks his toots and poops are HILARIOUS!
Happiest Day Meeting Baby Rory #rpb Whitney definitely shares my love of any and all babies and little kids. She is a terrific babysitter and finds fun things to do with the kids.
Carter seemed very smitten with little Rory as well and enjoys a good baby snuggle.

Covid Haircuts were a big deal! The boys held out and didn’t let me give them a trim. Whitney and I were quite a sight with our outgrown roots but honestly my hair has never been healthier since I don’t “fix it” more than once or twice a week so that is a bonus! My hair was usually on top of my head but I’m trying to fix myself more so that when I go back to my office it doesn’t drive me crazy to have my hair down. I swear it has felt like a working weekend for months. Jammies or athletic gear all day with only the occasional normal clothing. I don’t think I would fair well being remote 100%.

Carter has an unfortunate haircut his sophomore year in high school…it was more like a revolt against haircuts and this is as close as it has come to that hair mishap.
WOAH Holy Birdsnest!
All cleaned up and ready for the big Grad Party!

The best part about having a big gathering at your house is it ends up cleaner than usual. We had our carpets cleaned, had some house cleaners come help deep clean and were ready to enjoy some family fun! Aunt T arrived on Thursday, she’s a gem and so dang helpful! We are the family party hostesses and really enjoy throwing a party or family gathering. I just told her my vision, made some lists and she got to work. I can’t wait to pay her back for all of the time and help she gave us! Aunt T gifted Whitney with a very special inspiration present as she pursues a degree and career in nursing. So, so special!

This is Aunt T’s Student Nurse cap from her days in Nursing School. What a beautiful inspiration momento to keep our future nurse focused and a sense of connection to the nurses in our family. My Nana was a nurse and one of the first TWA Stewardesses, Aunt T was a RN and served as a nurse for a children’s home, church camp and I’m sure the go to at her church. Our cousin, Vicki, has been a flight nurse and RN in California for 30+ years.
Aunt T and Whitney, two of the most nurturing people I know.
Aunt T and the kids in front of our gorgeous photo opp wall

I’m going to organize my next post to properly show off the awesome party we had. The funny thing was that I don’t remember Whitney and I having many discussions about details, I just knew and she knew and it all came to be. I borrowed a lot of items from friends which was awesome so we didn’t have to recreate the wheel. I have friends with cool stuff haha!

Stay Safe, God Bless America and Please Pray for the unrest and solutions for unequal rights for our black citizens. It is truly heartbreaking and confusing to think about people who have racism in their hearts. I just don’t understand where they are coming from but don’t deny it is in our world. I pray anyone that knows me never doubts my love for all people no matter their race, religion, who they love or how they look. I could not be more honest in that statement. Do I disagree with people’s beliefs, yes. But I in turn hope they respect that I can make decisions for my life without aggression towards me. The thing is I have a widely diverse family and appreciate different opinions that can help guide my children to make their own decisions. #exitingthesoapbox

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