Let’s Get This Party Started!

In February I hit my stride that will quicken to a sprint until some time in July.  Whitney’s dance team has an annual “Showcase” so as a dance mom I’m frantically getting all of her costumes altered and “blinged” so she is stage ready.  This year didn’t seem to be as frantic as I’ve remembered in the past.  I think I was more mentally prepared because I spaced out the shoe and accessory buying, some were included in her Christmas stash.  I’m ready with three days to spare!  Yay Me!

People Help The People--Lyrical

People Help The People–Lyrical

New York, NY Line

New York, NY Line

Let's Be Bad-Musical Theatre

Let’s Be Bad-Musical Theatre

These are a few of the highlights from her Dress Rehearsal.  I took over 900 photos to share with the team to help them see corrections and because I love getting the first look at our dances as a trade off to freebie action shots.  This year is no joke!  My 13 year old girl is turning into a woman before my eyes which brings so many other issues to deal with and weigh heavy on my protective mothering heart!  I’m thankful it is all happening with grace and a little at a time.  Her dad is in denial and he’s fine to just stay there about 10 more years.

And this bring me to the BOY MOM side of the equation.  Big Russell is our busy guy juggling soccer and baseball seasons simultaneously.  We used to get bothered by the busy-ness of three kids and three schedules but now we just kind of put on our big boy/girl pant on and go with it.  So far there are only a few overlaps and we just make it work.  We strive for 100% performance but will take 95% and be thankful.  Russell is such a grateful child and is so excited when he has a practice or game.  He’s ALL IN 100% of the time!  He has never waivered, EVER!  I’ll ask him if his uniform is ready and usually it is laying on his floor like a chalk drawing with all pieces accounted for.  Bless his sweet heart!

Carter is enjoying being a superfan in high school and follows his team stats closely.  He’s still playing some sports but this has been a transition year for him.  Baseball tryouts are in a few weeks, fingers crossed!  There are 40-50 guys trying out for 15 spots.  UBER competitive where we live.

I’ve been lucky enough to round up some Senior Portrait requests and was blessed to photograph a fresh crop of babies in January!  Along with my kid cheering I’ll be booking lots of photoshoots as the weather warms up and mamas need their babies documented.  I’m super excited because I bought myself a new portrait lens!  I can’t wait to use it and think it will give me better results and require less editing time.  I’m a slave to light so this lens will give me more to work with when I am shooting indoors.  My mind is buzzing at all of the options and opportunities I want to tryout!

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