Popping in from Crazy Town

With the weather quickly turning to Winter I’ve been up to my eyeballs in photoshoots which is so awesome!  I’m so happy my love of photography can be shared with sweet families, children and friends.  Photography is a celebration of life, I get compliments all the time on sweet moments I capture but that is how I’m wired.  I know people get sick of me inundating them but they also like it if they are the one captured in an unforgettable moment.

My next step is to create marketing materials.  I wish my son would make me a logo.  I would love to have something custom and am just kind bluuuuh about the whole thing.  Talk about creative block!  I don’t even have an idea!  I just need someone else to do it for me.  Below is a first stab at it but the designer didn’t respond back when I asked for a few changes.  It will do for now but would like something “cuter.”

My logo from Fivr

My logo from Fiverr

The last few weeks have been so intense.  I find myself really doing all I can to put everything in God’s hands.  He’s delivered some really incredible news lately.  First my friend Heather got the terrific news from Johns Hopkins that they will operate and take out her pancreatic cancer.  I mean really…PRAISE THE LORD!  Then yesterday Russell’s baseball coaches good news was posted on Facebook.  His tumors have melted and it looks like he will be cancer free!  We just found out about Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma after our baseball season ended in July!  That is some fast work by his medical team and the good Lord.  I’m beyond grateful to be witness of such miracles.  Now for them both to finish their treatment and find a new normal.  These stories remind me to slow down, love my family and friends and cherish the itty bitty things in life.  There have been some other things on a more personal level and I just want to say the Lord showed me the way, he gave me the words and actions and my problems were solved.  What we also discovered is that our busy Sundays are taking a toll on us and we need to get our family back in church every week.

Here are some shots from my busy fall.

Saint Teresa Academy Stars Dance Team

Saint Teresa Academy  Stars Dance Team

My sweet Carter and his first homecoming.  He did a great job and it was so much fun!

And finally Miss Aurelia!  I’ve been taking her photos since she was born and love getting to spend time with her and her sweet parents.  They are always such good sports and up for whatever creativity we can find.  She is one sassy diva but I love it!

I have camera cards full of pictures to edit now that the Royals aren’t taking up my every waking moment.  It was a fun ride!  We had a great time and will never forget our Blue Okctober!

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