It is LUCKY red boot season! These are the “new” red boots I spied on Bella Patina’s facebook page. The vendor was very close to my space so I grabbed those suckers up as soon as I got there! I love them! And so far they are indeed LUCKY!

Lucky Red Boots 2.0

Lucky Red Boots 2.0

Aunt Suzi, Uncle Nick and Cameron came to visit while they cheered on their beloved Pikeville Bears and other neighboring schools in the NAIA.  We loved having them again and hope their tournament will come through KC many more years to come!

The boys played basketball at the Big 12 tournament as many days as they could fit it in.

The boys played basketball at the Big 12 tournament as many days as they could fit it in.

March Madness is definitely one of the big events I look forward to each year!  I love green so decorating for St. Pats is super fun as well.  I’m just so sad I have to put most of it away…bummer.  Here is my cute little springy festive table complete with a very old framed photo of a newspaper clipping. I found this at a thrift store for like $2 and it reminded me of simple times when framing a newpaper photo was the best option.


It wouldn’t be March without the Leprechaun trap.  We didn’t catch a little dude again this year but we will keep trying!  Of course the KU scentsy is a blazin’!


Leprachaun trap


I whipped up this cute wreath with scraps, a discarded wreath ring at a thrift store and found items in my scrap collection to jazz up the flowers.

I’m hoping the rest of March is lucky for our little family and yours!

Cheers to green milk!

Cheers to green milk!

I love March!

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