I have the App now, no excuses!

Every time I think about my blog I shrink because I am a bad blogger.  I started it because I has more to say than what I post on Facebook. So now I have the app and hope to jot down more re-caps, thoughts and ideas.

I started a post in June, not sure why since that is one of the busiest months of our year…So since March we have been doing our thing…dance, baseball and are now wrapping up football. I got moved into a new position at work that I am loving because I can do some of my old job…recruiting and grow the relationships with my clients so we have better success as a team. I’ve gotten to know so many new people in the last few months through my kid’s sports and surprisingly many of them work at clients! That helps with an IN with clients since we spend a lot of time together on the sidelines.

The boys had a terrific baseball season that lasted well into July and Whitney finalized her dance year at Nationals in Branson over July 4th. Many of her dances got first place trophies and some first overalls. That all seems like IONs ago…because it was…we’ve started a new dance season and the composition of our team has changed a lot. Most of the high school girls have moved on so we are a young team. My big girl is becoming one of the senior dancers! CRAZY! She’s grown so much in her passion and moved up to Pointe. She will debut on pointe in The Nutcracker the week of Christmas. Big Russell will be one of two Fritz, her Aunt Jessica will be Mrs. Stahlbaum and I will be a parent…if I can find a husband.

Well my goal is to be better about this blogging thing because I’m constantly doing something crafty or creative and would like to share my work and ideas.

Russ vs 88

carter running


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