Valentine’s Day Tsunami

Well no to be totally boring but O-M-G it was an insane week.  I wasn’t home until after 9pm every night which isn’t totally unusual but I think I must have been sidelined a bit with Brad’s injury and not on the go as much.  So this week was full of extras…on top of Valentine’s Day prep for Whitney and Russell we had watch week, Ash Wednesday service, final touches for dress rehearsal and the finale was a very fun date night with Brad at the Zach Brown Band concert.

Yes, the Woods went to a country concert!  I texted a friend and said “I feel like I’m on the wrong planet but it is fun and friendly.”  Then the music started and I loved every second of it!  Plus they played our first wedding dance song, Into the Mystic.  Zach Brown even rapped!  So fun!

Whitney wanted to go out with a bang for her last Valentine Card exchange so she designed a mama-made card.  I used some photos from this Summer and some graphics I had from a Heidi Swapp album I made last year…couldn’t find the link online or I’d pass along some props.

Front of Card

Front of Card

Back of card

Back of card

These were printed 3 x 3 and she taped candy to the front.  Pretty cute!

The Dance Team dress rehearsal sent me promptly over the edge on Saturday.   We had an 8am call time and Carter had his last basketball game at the same time.  I dropped her and her gear and rushed off to make his game then back to the studio after a very heartbreaking loss…By the time rehearsal wrapped up at 2pm Whitney and I were balls of moosh.  As soon as we were home we were passed out and napping the second our heads hit the pillow. Thankfully I had nothing on the books Saturday night, I enjoyed a snuggly night with my3moons watching the KU game while Brad watched it live in Lawrence.  I needed that down time and so did my babies.

I’ve been contemplating what I’m giving up for Lent.  I think I decided on chips and dip, fries and sweets.  It will be hard but I need that one extra step toward healthy choices.


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