Jumping in with both feet and the dream duffle

HADC kicked off the dance season with their annual Showcase in mid-March. I helped coordinate the video taping, silent auction and raffle prizes for this 4 hour event! Talk about an exhausting Sunday!

The practice was great for the kids and especially for my dancing diva who had 7 dances. She did great but got a little mixed up for a split second in her duo and started doing another dance. It was a good lesson for FOCUS before each dance. This will do wonders for her this year!

Carter is busy with Basketball…on tv and on the court. Russell gets dragged along to all of it.

Here are a few sneak preview pictures from the Showcase

Whitney’s dear friends Paige and Caity came to support her.
Love the blue gloves and peacock feather!

*Kiss* Small Group-Jazz

5 Guys Named Moe – Small Group Tap

A sassy favorite- We Run This (Girls, We Run The World)

Production – Candy Shop

Production – Candy Shop – Big Time Props!

“So Glamorous” Amazing Duo – Zoie Lee and Whitney

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