Moving Along

Well Miss Alice did not get to see her eggs hatch…bummer. BUT my neighbor has babies in his grill which we decided is the *bird nest mansion* so we’ve enjoyed his babies.  He’s selling his grill and I’m tempted to buy it just to keep for Robin babies in the Spring.  I know….I’m crazy but I really think that sort of thing is amazing.  I’m thankful to be a human with shelter and food and to not have to worry about my babies if the Spring is as cold as it has been this year.  Poor mama birds…

We have been in a literal whirlwind of dance and baseball.  Mother’s Day weekend was spent at the ball fields for Carter’s tournament which was super fun!  The only bummer is there was not time for all-day jammie days and planting.  We did squeeze in time on Monday to plant my geraniums in pots, herbs and peppers.  The view out of the door to my deck is monumentally more enjoyable with gorgeous green plants and flowers instead of dried up sad remnants from last year.  I remember welcoming Fall but I have to say January-March and even April if it is cold like it was this year is pretty annoying…except for March Madness.  Combine a long Winter with an early tournament loss and we really don’t know what to do with ourselves until May.

I look back at the last few months and am really kind of amazed at all we’ve shoved into the calendar.  Dance, baseball, Jessica’s wedding festivities, a new job, Kindergarten enrollment, preparation for Summer School and what the heck I’m doing with the kids after that…madness.  But, when I think about my most productive times it is when I’m holy whirlwind of tornados busy.

Here are a few pics from the fun of the last few weeks.  Next week I’m off to Vegas for a trade show.  Brad and the kids will be holding down the fort Tuesday-Friday then we have a dance competition and baseball tournament.  Typical craziness…

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