A Break in the Rain yields yearly wonders

We have been stuck in the downfall of Spring which is chilly days and nights, lots of rain and the longing for it to warm up so that we can clean up the yard, not freeze at baseball games and send the kids outside to play.   About 2 weeks ago Brad informed me that there was a new nest in our Willow tree!  I was beyond excited!  Last year the kids and I named the sweet little mama robin, Alice and her four babies ChickenPot, MoJo, Princess Julia and Rhino (who never hatched :(…)  We were reviewing the photos from my facebook last year and they were all hatching exactly this week!  BUT, it has been cold and rainy so we are hoping we didn’t miss the whole egg reveal and hatching since mama Alice has been firmly planted on her nest.  We are really hoping for some warm temperatures so she’ll go grab a bite and we can take a peek.

Last year’s facebook album


This year’s pic of Alice:

Mama Alice keeping her eggs warm

I also LOVE Spring because my giant bleeding heart bush bursts with blooms!  I SO love this plant and am amazed as if it is the first year it grew.  It starts with just little sprouts sticking out of the ground and is one of the first to pop through.  Then in a flash…like THREE days it is HUGE and measures 3ft across then 4ft and will probably be close to 5ft across this year.  I’m hoping it will stay long enough for me to cut some blooms and enjoy them.

HAPPY SPRING!  Dreaming of blue eggs under that mama bird!

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