Choose a Path and Run down it!

In the last six months I have been given the opportunity to choose what career path, life path I want to follow.  I’ve had lots of offers, all kinds of offers.  Thanks to Brave Girls, Soul Restoration I’ve been able to really think about how I want my life to look.  I’ve had that BIG job with all the stress and travel and late nights.  The one where my family is sad that I’m missing so much of the day and missing games and events.  It’s the job where I put work before my family.  And why?  Because I feel like making that money will take care of my family…but what I have come to realize…is that my family needs ME to take care of them, not money I work hard to earn.

So, I revert back to my Brave Girl projects, words of wisdom, support from all those ladies who have faced a million obstacles and have traveled through them to get to the other side.  As much as my brain thinks, “oh just take the easy way out, get that DEFINED job, make the money, work the hours and all will be fine.”  But my Brave Girls “training” kept bringing me back to “what makes everyone HAPPY?”  I don’t meant the kind of  lavish vacation HAPPY, not shopping spree HAPPY, but truly, 100% genuinely HAPPY…our family being together is the answer.  Plain and simple.

My new career is defined as *working for ME!*  I am blessed with a fabulous network of clients/friends.  It’s hard for me to call them clients because I genuinely care about their business and treating their customers the best way possible so we all get the referral business and repeat business that makes life easier.  Brave Girls taught me to seek out and surround myself with awesome people.  I think before I kissed up to those I didn’t respect and honestly…didn’t like, but I did it for the money, to feed my family.  I find my new outlook is probably attracting more people to my business and I definitely know it is helping me be happier on a daily basis.  I don’t mean just jolly I mean dialed in, loving my children, hearing their funny conversations, watching their 400th time of dunking the ball or trying a dance move.  Even seeing my dog do a funny stretch and “talk” to us.  And I think my husband would agree for the most part that the new career path is good for him too.  I know he sees me dialed into work afterhours a little too much.  Before the shift in my career I was dreaming of vacations to Mexico and any other beach I could find.  Now, I really think I’ll be perfectly content to hang out at the pool, on the back deck and on my business partner’s pontoon boat.  As awesome as vacations can be and how amazing they sound, they are expensive, the kids rarely eat the expensive food we buy, drinks are kinda gross at resorts and beds can be uncomfortable.  (yes I am telling myself this but I do kinda believe it)  A vacation at home means our favorite meals, sleeping in because our bed is so comfy and walking to the pool rather than frantically packing, going through the crazy airports and paying $10 for a grilled cheese that doesn’t get eaten.

The point of all this rambling is I have been given the gift of looking forward to every morning and every evening and every weekend with my kids.  I can plan a vacation that is as fun as any other vacation but spent at home with all of our comforts and *stuff.*  There is no way, absolutely no way I would ever have this mindset without the amazing gals at Brave Girls and the Soul Restoration class.  I adore them, I think they are so smart and talented.  If I could punt all money making activities to work on Brave Girl-esque projects I’d totally do it!  In a heartbeat.

My timeline, being a little girl rocks!

My mom always said, "challenging times builds character." I have a lot of character.

The cover of my Brave Girls Truth Book

I love the concept of loving your WHOLE self!

Here’s a link to this amazing course.  *shhhh* I have a few assignments to finish from SR1 which I will do and enjoy all the way until I get to Soul Restoration 2.  I’m sure my perspective changes all the time so what I make and do and write will evolve all the time.  That is pretty darn cool!

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One thought on “Choose a Path and Run down it!

  1. I hear ya sista! I had THAT job at First Horizon too…travelling every week, working long hours, not being engaged with my family. And honestly that was the darkest, worst, most selfish time in my life. I made a LOT of money, but so not worth it in terms of quality of life. I would not trade the flexibility and autonomy of my current job for more money. I am able to be with the kids and make sure they are taken care of even if Kent has to work late or is gone. I love your fabulous spirit of optimism–and have to say you seem so much happier without the negative forces at your past job. You go, girl–I’m so happy to be along for the ride with you1

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