Can I have a do-over

Spring Break was just not long enough!  We were so exhausted after our dance team trip to St. Louis, I mean so tired you can barely even speak and form words.  My week was stacked with meetings for work yet I wanted to be home more and play with my kids in the Spring weather.  Things shifted a bit on Wednesday and by Thursday I had my wish…I just wish it would have been a whole week of Spring Break rather than two days.

These next two months are absolutely insane and the best part is I have no personal things I have to do, it is all family focused so in my nooks and crannies I rest and chill.  Spring…March specifically, is all about basketball and dance.  Carter plays lots of basketball, KU rocks the NCAA tournament and Whitney Jane lights up the stage from March-June.  Well this year we had a great surprise, Brad’s Aunt Suzi, Uncle Nick and cousin Cameron came in town on orders from Suzi’s boss.  He handed her some cash and tickets to the Pikeville, KY game in Kansas City so they jumped in the car and headed this way.  The really cool thing is Pikeville made it to the final game of the NAIA Championship!!  This is so cool because Pikeville College only has 900 students and a decent sized group of Brad’s family live there.  Their tiny little College made the BIG TIME!

I think their luck is rubbing off because we’ve had a lovely time rooting for them and they’ve rooted for our Jayhawks.  We are not just fans, we are Rock Chalk Jayhawk, wear KU stuff every day in March kind of fans.  I have a Jayhawk tattoo on my back I got after we won the National Championship in 2008.  My friends and I get so super nervous during this time we almost make ourselves sick!!

So this is March Madness.  It comes every year and on the good years it lasts a long time.  We ride the ride with our Jayhawks all the way to Easter and all of a sudden it is May and we see the light.


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