Wow am I a slacker or what?  I’ve been DOING too much to download the pics I took while DOING and have been running around too much to blog about what I’ve been DOING.

I hope tonight while I’m watching American Idol (love, love the judge trio this season!  Best yet!) I can download and edit my new pics hiding on my memory sticks.  I’ve celebrated THREE 40th birthdays of THREE amazing friends in the last few weeks.  My sorority sister, **AOT KDs**, Suzanne who I’ve known for 21 years and is always game for a fun girls scrap weekend in a a local hotel or if we are lucky somewhere out of town.  The next was my hair girl Christin, I feel weird calling my *hair girl* because she is sooo much more but has an amazing talent for doing GREAT hair…I’ve known her since my hair was to my waist right after college which was 17 years ago!   And finally, my NEWer friend Julie who is a dance mom, teacher, Arbonne Rock Star and one of those gals who absolutely LIFTS you up every time you see her.  Now that I think of it, these three women have played a huge roll in changing my course the last year.  They’ve supported me through the rough patches and totally made me remember what my insides look like.  So, I’m excited to post pics from our fun times together but have been having so much fun I haven’t had time.

Speaking of lifting up…another woman who I just met in Utah at Spark! on September 10th has had a huge impact on me too.  This tiny little gal is the BIGGEST superstar when it comes to energy, personality, Photoshop/creative talent etc.  She blends inspiration with art which is the new trend…my favorite trend in scrapbooking.  Soooo much better than sticker packets..right scrap sistas out there?  HOLLA!  So I’m loving all things scrap-spirational (does that work as a new word?).  So here’s a super cute printable found here:

She’s got the whole working out/dieting and making it fun with scrap elements down to the letter! Go Rhonna Go!!!

Julie with her darling girls blowing out her candles


One thought on “Inspiration

  1. So fun! And so great that you have friends from so many different aspects of your life…I so cherish my long-time friends like YOU, but also adore my newer mom friends and church friends! You are the next to turn 40–I am already working on your gift. 🙂

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