From Zero to Hero on Valentine’s Day

I had one of those weekends.  The kind that I feel like a cowgirl in the Wild West riding around town conquering baseball and soccer practice on my own with all 3 kids in tow plus two more basketball games and a few stops in between.  I did it on my own and the kids, especially the littlest were very sweet and helpful.

The next day my sidekick, Daddy, was home and helping but we were all so tired from the running the day before and had limited time before a super terrific friend’s 40th birthday bash…well there just was NO time, ZERO left for Valentine’s Day shopping.  Soooooo, I woke up on Monday, February 14th empty handed…cue the WA WAH.

Thankfully I happened across Vintage Love Coupons, a *FREE* printable from!!  BINGO!  I also found some House of 3 printables from last year with a cool peek-a-boo wheel.  I ran out to look for goodies and once I saw the $3 price tag on “store-bought” cards I knew I just had to get it together and put these darling cards together for the kids.  Thankfully it only took me exactly 30 minutes to create the three cards and 4 sets of coupons (hubby got some too.)  I picked up some McD’s gift cards because they always love getting a treat at the “Golden Arches.”  Them spending their own money tends to make it just that much more appreciated.

Whitney's loot and decorated Valentines Box for School

And the trio of darling wheel cards.

Valentines for my Sweetie Peas

The very best…I told them they can gift them to other family members if they want…guess what, Carter cashed in his coupon for a *kiss* from Mommy right on the spot! oxox

And the cutie pie, warm my heart antics of my three monkeys making cupcakes and a valentine cake.  Russell was CRACKING UP at Carter and Whitney!  I can’t express in words how much these photos warm my heart!  I remember when Whitney was first born, I hoped so badly that she and Carter would be close, love each other and be good friends.  The spread between me and my siblings is so vast it took us until we were all grownups to truly appreciate each other.  I adored them as babies…OF COURSE *queen of baby fever*…but when I went off to KU they were 12, 6 and 3.  That is just too young to remember your long lost sister at KU who seemed like light years older at the time…and I think even still *wink*!  So, I just have to say, the dynamics between my children is absolutely cherished.  It is probably the thing I cherish most in the world because it is organic, it is something I made with the help of Brad.  These little beings came from us and now share this awesome light and spirit.  A friend the other day told me I won the “children jackpot.”  What can I say, I can’t argue.  I know other families that probably feel the same way but I am thankful and feel extremely blessed by this gift.  I didn’t dream about the big wedding and all that stuff.  I dreamed about having babies that turned into amazing people.  I’ve got a good head start…

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One thought on “From Zero to Hero on Valentine’s Day

  1. I love those cards and coupons! So fabulous! And that sweet little Carter cashing in his “Mommy kiss” coupon right away…I could just eat him up! You do have fabulous kids!

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