Say it isn’t SnOw!

For real?  Snow in the forecast?  No wonder Russell has been talking about the North Pole constantly with this weather!  He said the other day, “Mommy, I always wanted to visit the North Pole” as if we were there.  He is the funniest kid, talks about his three favorite days: his birthday 7/17, Halloween and Christmas all year long.  And Brad thought I was silly celebrating my birth month of June rather than just a measily day.

Speaking of June and July, I have Summer on the brain!  GEE wonder why?!  I just can’t stop thinking about where I want to go in July after the madness of June is over.  “Madness?” you ask…let’s just call it DANCE-PALOOZA on overdrive!  Downtown Days week 1, Nationals week 2-3, Recital week 4.  And if there is time to breathe it will be spent practicing and rehearsing plus going to Carter’s baseball games.  I am mentally preparing for it.  SOOOO, in July my big hope is to go on a trip.  I want to lay on a beach chair, sip something cold, listen to my ipod and R.E.L.A.X!

Russell shooting me with his water gun on his 4th birthday.

My nephew, Robert and his mama, Rachael. Robert is a July baby too

Me and Russell chillin' on a raft at Lakewood Lake. A very favorite thing to do in the Summer is gather our neighbors and coast around the quiet lake.

Whitney and Caitlyn swimming at the waterpark.

Me and Brad on Isla Mujeres last July. I think about this place every single day.

Carter is the king of stealing bases. It is February and we've already started practicing! They'll be really good this year, I know it!

And dance...Our little star, Whitney Jane, is doing a solo for the first time. I will never tire of watching her dance and I get SO nervous for her! She handles it like a PRO!

Ok, now to go brave the freezing temps and suspected snow.  Boo…at least I can think about warmer days to come.  Thank goodness for sunny memories and lots of pictures to look through.  I can almost feel the sun on my face and the cool water on my toes.

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