OMGolly this baby is sooo sweet!

Ok a quick preview of sweet little punkin Gage.  I can’t open my laptop without smiling at the screen while editing these pictures.  Oh and his big brother and sister are pretty cute too.  The best was when I put him in Russell’s snuggly chenille blanket I made him when he was born.  I tucked Gage in a little basket and he LOVED being in there!  His daddy was cracking up and thinking they needed to take that basket home to keep him happily sleeping.  He’s pretty loved on and prefers to be held so getting him to chill in a nest was awesome.  How could you not indulge that little man?  He’s just too sweet to not snuggle with him constantly.  My Aunt T always says you can’t spoil children with LOVE and I’ve always reminded myself of that when I questioned if I was holding the baby too much.  And still remember that when they let me love on them…and when I can’t bare to kick them out of my bed.  It is those stolen moments I cherish and keeps my heart warm.

Congratulations Jacobs family and thank you for allowing me to photograph your gorgeous children!  I can’t wait to get the whole family in there!!!  Until the next time…give that Gage a squeeze for me!

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