Is it 3:00 yet???

I’m worn out.  I had a week and a half and am sleepy and exhausted.  However, the fact that my little friend Gage will be coming by for a photoshoot gets my tired brain hoppin’ with ideas.  Gage is a dance mommy’s two week old punkin.  She lets me hold him the entire hour we wait for our daughters on Mondays.  I could just eat him up!  Those little baby sounds, faces and wiggles just get my baby fever running high.  Whitney and I talked about Gage for days.  She kept saying “he was so cute all squished up and snuggled with you.”  I’ve passed my baby fever on to her.  It is nice to have another person in my family shares my true love of babies.

Once my photos are edited I’m passing them off to my friend Erin who will drop them into her digital masterpieces.  She is making announcements for the Jacobs family to show off little Gage.  Heather and Jay appreciate it and we are giddy at the thought of an opportunity to work on a project featuring a newborn.

Pics to come…

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