Adventures in the Kitchen

I was once described as a culinary “renegade”! I know, impressive isn’t it?! More impressive because it came from a wonderful women who had 11 children and is still all that and a bag of chips! I figure a gal like that, complimenting me on my adventurous nature in the kitchen carries some weight! She’s right though, only because of my serious issue with following directions.

My favorite things to make:

-Soup, SOUP, soup, SoUp! I think of soup like salad in broth and I LOVE broth AND salad! Thankfully my daughter Whitney has some hints of being a soup lover like myself. I have a very favorite soup pot and recently bought it’s matching twin off ebay. I don’t mess around with making soup, I make LOTS!

-anything Mexican or SPICY…I don’t mean a splash of cayenne, I mean put four fresh jalapenos, cayenne, habanero cheese then add some crushed red peppers and catch your FACE ON FIRE hot!

-Chinese, Thai, Japanese and love this category because it is usually something new.

-APPETIZERS: I’m SO Cher in Mermaids in this category! Thankfully my husband is a big fan of apps and Mexican so most of the time I can hang. He’s got a mean guacamole and enchiladas so Mexican night at our house is spectacular. In fact, our good friend Jason said we are best at cooking anything that is wrapped in something. Very true statement my friend.

-Pasta the Devil–yea, not so much…the junk in my trunk loves to hang onto pasta so I steer clear if at all possible. BUT I have some really great recipes in this category that I either made up or was passed down to me at some point–lasagna, stuffed shells and anything involving olive oil, white wine, mushrooms, leeks and parmesan. I use whole wheat pasta to help but still, I’m a sluggish mess after I eat pasta and my back side will be storing that load of carbs for AWHILE! I like to make these dishes when I’m having guests because they are great to make ahead and heat up.

And lastly, I like to bake for my kids but again…carbs…and directions…the combo is touchy. I’ve learned my lesson, FOLLOW DIRECTIONS WHEN BAKING, because science is involved in this category of cooking.

My allrecipes site is here:

I’ll post recipes periodically but they’ll all be on the profile above.

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