Thankful Mom during Holy Week

Another successful weekend of baseball results in our 2nd championship! I can’t help but beam with pride and am just so happy for this team who has grown so much in spirit and strength! I’m also counting my blessings after learning about a shooting that took three lives and a motorcycle wreck that took the life if a friend’s young brother. I feel selfish in my celebrating it know I’ve spent too much time grieving in my life and the opposite is the kind of joy I have in my heart.

During this Holy Week I’m thankful mostly for my faith. Knowing I have a loving God looking over me, my family and friends gives me strength. I’m thankful for everyday I have on this earth and must remember this each day.

Here is a picture I took if our team yesterday as they said their pre-game prayer. The rain had stopped (it rained on and off through two games until it poured), the boys were quietly praying next to a beautiful pear tree in full bloom. My heart hurts for those families grieving today. I pray they will come out of the darkness and into the light sooner than later.


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