Crawling Up For Air

In addition to starting a new job and running myself ragged with everything else life has to offer I’m finally coming up for air.  Whitney and I spent Tuesday-Sunday in Branson, Mo for her National Dance Competition.  She did awesome and even survived a foot injury that could have been extremely tragic at this point in the season.  I was staring down 11 costumes being tossed out the window if she was laid up.  But, after some ice, soaking, a brace and LOTS of love and attention from her dance team she was back on stage.

While there Carter was burning up his State Baseball Tournament in Columbia, Mo.  It was hard to be apart but I know Carter and Whitney felt the support of the rest of the family in our respective locations.  His team ended up 9th in the tournament which is amazing!!  Carter had his best performance in the field and at bat so I couldn’t be more proud of him.

So back to the grind for five days then we have Whitney’s recital Friday night, a matinee on Saturday and final performance Saturday night.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to sleep in on Sunday!  I may be in my jammies all day that day!

I started the Brave Girls Club, Soul Restoration 2 class amidst all of this craziness.  Admittedly I’m behind but have enjoyed stealing a few minutes here and there to watch the videos.  I have a birthday scrap trip 7/7/11-7/11/11 so I will be catching up on that class and enjoying some R & R big time!  Below are two birdies my kids drew for the Brave Girls Club daily emails.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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