Well look here…the UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS JAYHAWKS made it to the Final Four!  What an awesome surprise!  Even though my husband said we could do it I didn’t expect it and don’t think many of the Jayhawk faithful did either. We are beyond excited and are in the good position of being happy with a successful season and hoping we go all the way at the same time!  I love being a Jayhawk, it is so fun this time of year!

When KU is in the late stages of the NCAA tournament the rest of our lives are a blur.  St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite hoildays but it went by almost un-celebrated.  Easter is coming up and I still have remnants from St. Pattys so I need to get my cottontail in gear and get out the Easter decor!

As a KU fan I have a few traditions…like most KU fans we are superstitious about our gameday routine, clothing etc.  If we’ve watched our team win in the same seat at the same house or bar throughout the season we do everything to replicate that routine again and again until we lose.  A constant for me is my RED BOOTS!

My Lucky Red Boots in action at a KU football game

I got these boots about 11 years ago right before I turned 30.  I was pregnant with Whitney Jane and thought, “if I can’t have a cocktail to celebrate turning 30 by golly I’ll wear red boots!”  I wear them as often as I can when KU is playing and they are probably 98% a sure thing to get us a WIN.  They’ve watched KU lose to Arizona and Texas at home but that’s ok, that is part of being a fan.  And the loss against…Texas was the fateful day last year when T.Rob lost his mom.  That one doesn’t count, the team stayed up all night comforting their friend and brother.

anyway…I probably have enough KU shirts to wear one every day for an entire month but I definitely have favorites.  MY tradition, despite Brad not being too excited about it, is buying myself and the kids a new KU shirt during the NCAA tournament.  Usually we’ve worn our shirts so many times our options are running low if the laundry isn’t done.  So I get to be the hero and make the kids happy (and myself) with a new Jayhawk shirt (two)!  So here is my dilemma for this coming Saturday when we play Ohio State for the chance to go to the championship game…I have a new KU shirt and a new *super* cute KU dress.  Do I break one of them now without being battle tested?  Do I go with the fact that Red Boots plus new fan gear cancel out any danger of causing a loss?  Big dilemma!  That will have to be a game time decision.  I can also rely on my sure fire routine for this year– if we are sucking I will be watching in my room…like I have the past 3 games during a close 2nd half.  Since Jessica is coming over and said she might have to leave if we are losing might mean we end up watching together in my dark lonely bedroom.  As long as we “Survive and Advance” I don’t care where I watch the game!


Let’s do this thing!

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