Countdown to March Madness!

In our family our two favorite times of the year are #1 March because we LOVE St. Patrick’s Day and the NCAA tournament and #2 Cinco De Mayo because we are Mexican food nuts and Brad’s family is from Kentucky so we love watching the Kentucky Derby.

A few years ago I made a Leprechaun trap

Russell checking out the Leprechaun trap

The big kids were intrigued the first year we had it out on St. Patrick’s Day but as hard as we tried we never caught that pesky leprechaun. He turned our toilet water green, the milk in the fridge green…even Russell’s special mommy milk when he was a baby! They weren’t so sure about drinking green milk and were scared to use the toilet. We’ve found cookie crisp cereal to be a favorite treat for leprechauns who visit our house.

So this year I came home to find Brad and Russell in a deep discussion about leprechauns. Brad got out the trap and talked about tricks the leprechauns played on us in the past. The next morning before Russell had even gotten out of bed he asked “how many leprechauns are there?” He was wondering if there was just one like Santa and if there were guys in malls that dressed up. I think he was a little freaked out when Brad said there were lots of them. This was a little overwhelming…I wonder if he thought we might be invaded.

So as we change our red hearts to green shamrocks we are gearing up for the mischievous little green guy.