Wow, between marketing home inspections, running kids to dance and baseball plus whatever is thrown at me I’ve just felt like I’m in a whirlwind!  Tonight I had time to move over some files to my external hard drive so my little MacBook wasn’t so congested.  Thank goodness, that was a problem.

We are gearing up for the big time baseball season for Carter’s team, The Cowboys.  The kids are so awesome and the parents are great to hang around at the ballpark.  That is so nice when you are there for hours on end.  This year Russell is playing more with the other kids rather than rolling in the dirt.  THANK GOODNESS!  Carter’s basketball team finished up last week and were LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!  Woo hoo!

Whitney has been extremely busy with dance and has another competition this weekend.  We are staying with the Ummel family in Overland Park which should be super fun and a laugh fest.  I have to keep my energy level in check for this one because it will be a full two days.  We are rooting our little dancing queen on as always!

I hope Spring has found you and is here to stay in Kansas City!  We woke up to 65 degrees yesterday morning and I thought I would freeze to death!  By the time we all got home it was beautiful.  Thank the Lord for Clariton (for Russell and Whitney) and Sudafed for me!  We’ve been struggling with Spring allergies and the hot and cold weather alternating each day.

I’m going to attach just a few pics from our hustle and bustle the last few days/weeks.


Our 74 dancer Production Number called "Heart Beats" it's amazing!

Sharp Dressed Man (their version of Simply Irresistable from Robert Palmer)

Julie Lee's Car Presentation for becoming an Arbonne RVP! So fun!

Carter and Cameron having a blast at the Pikeville NAIA Championship WIN!

Russell LOVES a party especially when it revolves around Winning a Basketball Game...or any sport/game for that matter!

Up with the Sun, burning the candle at both ends

So this is what “normal” feels like?  Actually having 4 somewhat predictable days has been really great so far this week!  I have been a busy, busy sales girl selling my wares around town.  I SO love meeting people!  The BEST thing I love is almost every person I talk to has a business need and I have a lead for or an idea for them.  My brain is really serving me well these days.  I finally had some time to sit down and gather my notes and follow up on all of the great progress I’ve been making.  Today has been a GET IT ORGANIZED day.

I hear people lamenting this time of year and saying how they dread the snow or dread how slow everything is…I think it is just FINE.  People generally are happy to get together for coffee, they answer their phones and emails, it is nice!  When we are all scrambling around when it gets warm we’ll think “I wish I could just call people and get a hold of them rather than leaving so many messages.”  I will say I am sooooooooo thinking about Spring constantly.  Also planning a trip to VEGAS in July for the big 4-OMG!

Doesn't this sweet picture of the kids last Fall make you yearn for a picnic?

Yes, that pic is supposed to be upside down 🙂

Another AWESOME thing that happened this week is we now have WIRELESS INTERNET in my office!  Yeah!  No more doing stuff on my MAC, saving to a zip drive, plugging into my PC to print.  Yeah!  I adore efficiency!

Now that I’ve tended to my professional life, I need to get back to the business of working on my creative Brave Girls Club projects.  I have lots of painting and journaling to do.  If I can keep my candle burning after only 5 hours of sleep last night I will dive into that…after basketball, soccer and dance duties this evening.  I really should squeeze in a workout too.  I’ve done 4 since my foot surgery on 12/22/10 and it feels soooo good to move around!

Speaking of moving around, I put my poor little sore foot to the TEST over the weekend.  We met several of our KU besties in Lawrence and had the best time (minus the loss to Texas)!  Thanks to my sweet sister and sister-in-law they took the kids and the dog over-night.  I love Lawrence.  I am hoping to take the kids back to the Oread Hotel on campus the weekend of President’s Day.  We have a 4-day weekend so that would be super fun!

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So that’s the scoop, hoping the snow misses us again so the momentum can continue right on into 70 degree days!